About Me

Hayley Clift

I am a passionate photographer and love capturing the most special moments in peoples lives.

My name is Hayley Clift and I live in Johannesburg with my husband, four little Dachshunds and my son who was born in August 2016. I grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and have lived in London, Cape Town and Kwazulu Natal. I love to travel and this obsession has cultivated my love for photography. From Austria to the Zambezi, my camera will never leave my side. You never know when a moment will appear that might never happen again.

Weddings are my passion as I am able to capture the magic moments between two people enjoying the most important day of their lives. Images are timeless and while memories may fade, my pictures will remain with the couple forever.

I began wedding photography with my father, Dave Clift, in Botswana and quickly discovered my own style of image capturing. He has been shooting weddings for 25 years so I have always been in the photography environment. My first ten weddings took place in Botswana and this was my biggest learning curve as the environment and setting was not as beautiful as most weddings. I had to manipulate the setting in order to capture the beautiful images required for the couple’s special day.

I love to travel and location weddings are at the top of my to-do-list!!!

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